Discover the Benefits of a Breast Lift Procedure

Cropped,Close,Up,Portrait,Of,Attractive,Beautiful,Brown,She,HerWhile many people are aware of breast augmentation, far fewer are aware of what a breast lift procedure is and the aesthetic benefits it can provide. A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a procedure to reshape and lift breasts that have begun to sag or lose volume. It can also be used to place the nipple higher on the breasts to enhance their appearance further.

Many women believe breast augmentation is the solution to correcting sagging breasts. However, breast lifts are ideal for improving breasts that have lost shape or volume, elongated breasts, and nipples that point downward.

If you’re interested in a breast procedure, consider the benefits of a breast lift provided by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Earl E. Ferguson, MD.

What Are the Benefits of a Breast Lift?

Improved Shape & Volume

When the breasts begin to sag, they lose some of the volume that gave them their shape. Lifting the breasts restores their natural volume by repositioning them on the chest. The breasts will also be reshaped, helping them appear fuller and more shapely.

Youthful Appearance

As a natural part of the aging process, the breasts may begin to sag; this is also common following a pregnancy or after weight loss. A breast lift can remove excess skin and lift the breasts, placing them higher on the chest and providing a more youthful apperance. In addition, changing the position of the nipples and areolas can also cause the breast to appear more lifted and natural.

Improve Nipple Projection

While the nipples will naturally be lifted with the breast, you may also want the surgeon to reposition the areolas and nipples. Placing the nipples higher on the breasts places them in a natural position facing forward.

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If you’re interested in a breast lift, schedule a consultation at the office of Dr. Earl E. Feguson, MD. With over 20 years of experience, he is an expert in breast procedures, providing many patients with beautiful results. You can also combine your breast lift with other procedures, such as with a breast augmentation.

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