New Year, New Goals: Explore Your Weight Loss Management Options

Slim,Young,Woman,Measuring,Her,Thin,Waist,With,A,TapeA balanced diet and exercise are important components of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be tricky to receive the results you’re looking for. Losing weight can be difficult; while you may be eating nutritious meals and working out, many other factors can affect weight. These factors may make it difficult to lose weight or, if you can, it’s a concern that you will not be able to maintain it. This struggle is one that millions of Americans have faced at one time or another; you’re not alone.

As you enter the new year and begin setting new goals, now is the time to consider how to achieve your weight loss goals. Weight loss management with a qualified physician can help you achieve results.

Why Work With a Physician for Weight Loss Management?

Managed weight loss with the help of a physician can be safer and more effective than on your own. Whether you’ve struggled with weight loss your entire life or just recently, working with a physician can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Treatment Options for Weight Loss

When you work with Dr. Earl E. Ferguson on your weight loss journey, you’ll continue to engage in healthy activities like eating right and exercising regularly. Dr. Ferguson will also help you with medications that supplement and amplify your weight loss efforts.


Semaglutide is a medication that was designed to help with type II diabetes, but it’s highly effective at regulating appetite and food intake. When taking Semaglutide, you’ll feel reduced hunger and stay fuller for longer. Working with your doctor when taking this medication is important to ensure you get the nutrients you need with your reduced appetite.


Like Semaglutide, Tirzepatide is a medication that suppresses appetite by slowing the way food is processed in the digestive system (thus leading to a feeling of fullness). Tirzepatide also affects the chemical signals that cause cravings. People who take Tirzepatide spend less time thinking about food and wishing they were eating food. It’s important for anyone taking Tirzepatide to work with a doctor to ensure that the treatment is handled safely.

Get Started on Your Weight Loss Goals

Your road to weight loss starts with help from a qualified professional. Contact the office of Dr. Earl E. Ferguson, MD, at 210-290-9078 to learn more about managing your weight loss in 2024. We proudly serve San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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